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Companies we represent

We represent the best and financially strongest insurance companies in Quebec province.

  Category Name Emergency Claims  
Unique (L') Insurance Company Unique (L') 1-800-463-4800
RSA Insurance Company RSA 1-800-319-9993
Adelgo Assurance Insurance wholesaler Adelgo Assurance
April Marine Insurance wholesaler April Marine 1-888-671-3030
April Risques Spéciaux Insurance wholesaler April Risques Spéciaux
Chubb Insurance Company Chubb 1-800-532-4822
Cime cabinet d'assurances Inc Insurance wholesaler Cime cabinet d'assurances Inc *
Croix Bleue du Québec Insurance Company Croix Bleue du Québec * 1-800-387-2538
Echelon Cie d'Assurances Insurance Company Echelon Cie d'Assurances 1-866-651-2880
Encon (Le Groupe) Insurance wholesaler Encon (Le Groupe)

* Represented via Intergroupe Assurances Inc